Barbara Wilford Gentry Barbara Wilford Gentry

A native of Jacksonville Florida, Mother of five, nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren. I am a self taught artist and have a great love for photography.

In 1976, I enrolled in FCCJ to finish my high school diploma; needed two major credits and one elective. I chose fundamental arts. This is when I discovered I was artistic. In 1978 my youngest son was diagnosis with a genetic white cell defect.
Over the years there were many hospital visits along with sleepless nights, so during that time I would sketch. I didn't realize that during the years of my son's illness that was time spent to mold my art. I started selling my work in 1999, mostly portraits from photographs. Sketching, painting and photography is my passion; it plays a dual role, one is you get to create it and the other is the joy of giving it to that person.
I now have a website and enjoy the gift that the good Lord gave me and I am thankful.
As the years past I became even more interested in photography.
Now with the new age of IPhoneography has opened a door for me to create digital images right from my IPhone.

IPhonegraphy Show Soho Gallery New York, My photo's were in the Top 150 Finalists out of 10,000 that were submitted December 16-22 2011

I had the honor of a winning photograph titled ~Arrival~ on, received a year membership to this site.